AKRON, OHIO – Akron Regional Air Quality Management District (ARAQMD), a service of Summit County Public Health (SCPH), announced additional items eligible for rebates as part of the lawn mower exchange program – MowGREENER. Families living in Medina, Summit, or Portage County can make the switch to cleaner operating lawn care items. In addition to being eligible by switching out their lawn mower, families are also able to sign up for rebates for other lawn care accessories.
Fossil fuel-burning lawn maintenance equipment produces a significant amount of air pollution. According to the California Air Resources Board, using a gasoline lawnmower for 1 hour is equal to driving a car for 300 miles! Battery powered lawn equipment are zero emission when used, and that makes cleaner air for users
and their neighbors.
After signing up and receiving confirmation of being accepted into the program, MowGREENER participants who fulfill all the requirements may receive a $100 Visa gift card as a rebate for swapping out their gasoline lawn mower for a new, battery or electric powered mower. Additionally, ARAQMD will provide $25 Visa gift cards for up to four battery or electric lawn care accessories purchased.
MowGREENER is for residents (not lawn care companies) of Medina, Summit, or Portage Counties (the ARAQMD service area). Participation is limited and a waiting list may be established, if necessary. Registration opens on April 1st at 8 a.m. Full details on the exchange, deadlines, link to the online
registration form (available on 4/1/24), as well as other information, can be found at:
For additional information about MowGREENER or to register by phone, contact a program staff member at 330-812-3877. Program staff can also be reached by email at: MowGREENER@schd.org.