UPDATE: Due to prolonged rains and muddy fields, the eclipse viewing event will be set up at the pavilion in the recreation area near the tennis courts. The tennis courts and arboretum parking lot will be available for viewing. Anyone driving to the arboretum for the event should plan to park at Village Hall or at the Church in Silver Lake, which has graciously offered additional parking space.


On April 8, from 1:30-4:30 p.m., the Village of Silver Lake will host the Total Eclipse at the Arboretum, a family friendly event at the Ernest Fauser Arboretum next to Village Hall. Residents are invited to pack a picnic and bring chairs to the arboretum and enjoy viewing the eclipse as a community.

With events taking place at the Summit County Fairgrounds in Tallmadge and in downtown Cuyahoga Falls, Kent Road is likely to experience high levels of traffic. Residents are encouraged to walk or ride bikes to the Arboretum and to use the stoplight at Silver Lake Boulevard if crossing Kent Road. Carpooling is also encouraged as limited parking is available at the Arboretum and Village Hall.

The Village will have limited supplies of treats available for residents gathering together for a safe viewing experience. At the end of the event, those who wish to recycle their glasses can drop them off in a bin. They will be collected and sent via Astronomers Without Borders to less prosperous countries for use at future eclipse events.

To ensure residents health and safety, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Make sure to ONLY view the sun during the eclipse with appropriate eyewear. If viewing the eclipse through glasses other than those provided by the Silver Lake Police Association, be sure they meet ISO 12312-2 international standards.
  • Heavy traffic is expected in the immediate hours after the eclipse. Please anticipate travel delays, even if you are traveling locally.
  • Fill your gas tank the night before if you plan to travel, even locally.

The eclipse will enter Ohio around 3 p.m.  and last for 2-4 minutes, leaving around 3:10 p.m. To prepare for photos of this once-in-a-lifetime event, check out these tips for taking smart phone photos of the eclipse.