Council minutes will be posted to the website once approved by Council at the next regular meeting.

Note: Council minutes are not transcribed verbatim.

Current Council Minutes:

NameSizeDate Added
01-04-2021 Council Minutes1.8 MiB02/02/21
02-01-2021 Council Minutes1.2 MiB02/17/21
02-16-2021 Council Minutes788.8 KiB03/03/21
03-01-2021 Council Minutes318.7 KiB03/17/21
03-15-2021 Council Minutes774.2 KiB05/03/21

Past Council Minutes:

NameSizeDate Added
01-06-2020 Council Minutes1.4 MiB01/22/20
01-21-2020 Council Minutes1.3 MiB02/19/20
02-18-2020 Council Minutes859.1 KiB03/03/20
03-02-2020 Council Minutes863.9 KiB04/13/20
04-06-2020 Council Minutes473.6 KiB05/19/20
05-18-2020 Council Minutes1.2 MiB07/09/20
06-15-2020 Council Minutes428.0 KiB07/09/20
07-06-2020 Council Minutes318.2 KiB07/28/20
07-20-2020 Council Minutes1.2 MiB08/10/20
08-03-2020 Council Minutes1.5 MiB08/18/20
08-17-2020 Council Minutes679.9 KiB09/21/20
09-08-2020 Council Minutes817.4 KiB09/22/20
09-21-2020 Council Minutes773.3 KiB10/06/20
10-05-2020 Council Minutes2.7 MiB10/20/20
10-19-2020 Council Minutes1.5 MiB11/17/20
11-16-2020 Council Minutes1.3 MiB12/09/20
12-07-2020 Council Minutes895.9 KiB12/23/20
12-21-2020 Council Minutes2.4 MiB01/14/21