Early spring is the best time to plant a new tree!

Click here Nebraska Forestry Service to learn how to properly plant a tree today!

There are many great tree species available to choose from, here are some the Silver Lake Shade Tree Commission suggests:

Red Maple: This Maple species will quickly add shade and incredible fall color to your yard.

Oaks: Giving great shade and fall color, any oak species is a good choice, with Red, Scarlet and Black oaks best in dry or sandy soil.  White oaks will thrive if you have wetter conditions.

American Sycamore:  Best in wetter spots, this gorgeous tree is a show-stopper, with a wide spreading canopy and intricate multi-colored bark.

Shagbark Hickory:  If you want to go a bit nuts, planting a Hickory tree is a great option. These grow slow but very large, so make sure you have the space and you can enjoy the beautiful bark all year long.

Tulip Tree: A tall straight-trunked native tree related to Magnolia, Tulip Trees (or Tulip Poplars) offer great shade with very interesting flowers.

While you are waiting for your shade tree to grow, don’t forget to plant shorter trees that can give early color and structure to your plantings.  Small trees like Eastern RedbudServiceberry and Flowering Dogwood will immediately sprout showy flowers, and will stay happy even after being overtopped by your taller plantings.

Check out the Shade Tree Commission webpage for more tips on keeping your trees happy and healthy.

Courtney Blashka
Director of Community Forestry & Conservation
Holden Forests & Garden