Dominion Gas Line Project (New)

Attached is a map of where Dominion Gas Company will be doing there next gas line project. Currently, they are surveying so that the engineers can produce the plans.

Please DO NOT remove the flags/markers that are placed during the survey. We have NOT been notified as to when this project will begin.

New Dominion Project

Jonathon Blackwell, Gas Projects Manager for Dominion Energy Ohio, 330.664.4666

Mathew Sergent, Gas Design and Planning Engineer, 330.664.4651



AT & T Fiber Project

James Carder Jr (AT & T), 330.212.5918

Mastec (Sub-Contractor), 440.252.5329

Keith Estes (Sub-Contractor), 216.318.3659

AT & T Fiber Project



Dominion Gas Line Project (2021)

See the streets affected below:

Dominion gas line project 2021