We live in a great country.  We enjoy freedom, opportunity and independence.  We have our problems and challenges, yet remain strong and free.  We owe much of our safety and freedom to those whose serve in our country’s armed forces.  As I read somewhere, “We may not know them all……but we owe them all”.  To honor and publicly recognize those men and women who have proudly served, I am now in the process of gathering the names of all residents and former residents who have either served in, or are presently serving in, the armed forces of the United States.  You should be aware of who these people are, and they deserve to have your complete respect and admiration for their service to our country.  

If you have names of family members who have served, please forward them to me (bhovey@villageofsilverlake.com) so that I can add them to the list.  The current Veteran’s list is below.  The list will be updated every Monday.  As you view the list of names, and as you may know someone on the list, please thank them for their service.  God bless the United States of America!

Name Branch of Service Years Served Silver Lake Connection
Anderson, Warren U.S. Army 1953 – 1962 resident
Babb II, Dennis L U.S. Navy 1989 – 1993 resident
Babb, Dennis L U.S. Army 1960 – 1963 resident
Bell, Elmer H U.S. Navy Jan 1970 – Mar 1978, Jul 1979 – Apr 1992 resident
Bell, Michael U.S. Air Force 1989 – 1994 resident
Bogdan, William U.S. Air Force 1966 – 1970 resident
Bozzelli, Libert U.S. Army Air Corp 1942 -1944 father-in-law of Mayor Hovey
Burns, Heather U.S. Air Force 2001-2004 resident
Cefaratti, Joseph U.S. Army 1917-1919 WWI father of resident Ken Cefaratti
Cefaratti, Ken U.S. Air Force February 11, 1966 – December 8, 1971 resident
Cefaratti, Michael U.S. Army 1951-1953 Korea brother of resident Ken Cefaratti
Cefaratti, Troy U.S. Army 1990-1994 Desert Storm son of resident Ken Cefaratti
Church, William M. U.S. Air Force 1964 – 1968 resident
Ciancio, James A. U.S. Army 1965 – 1967 resident
Ciccantelli, Pat U.S. Army 1958 -1964 resident
Coe, Jim U.S. Army 1975 – 1979 Special Forces, Bad Tolz Germany resident
Croghan, Scott U.S. Airforce 1986 – 2010 resident
Dowey, Jarrett T U.S. Air Force 2011 -2015 resident
Earich, Matthew U.S. Army 2015 – 2019 Ft. Campbell KY resident
Gulajski, David M. U.S. Army 1954 – 1956 Korean War resident
Jaeger, Dennis U.S. Army 1987 – 2007 Ohio National Guard resident
Karnoupakis, John U.S. Navy July 11, 1965 – July 11, 1967 resident
Lawrence, Reggie U.S. Marines 1982 – 1986 resident
Lipan, Mark U.S. Navy 1977 – 1998 SL Service Director
Lloyd, Albert U.S. Army 1954 – 1994 retired Major father of resident Al Lloyd
Mahan Jr., John Robert U.S. Army 1941-1945 WWII Africa and Middle East resident
Mashek, Daniel C U.S. Air Force 1979 – 2009 resident
Mashek, Dawn U.S. Air Force 1979 – 1989 resident
May, Joseph H U.S. Navy 1956 – 1962 resident
McClain, Tom U.S. Air Force 1966 – 1970 resident
McMullin, Joseph R. U.S. Air Force 1966 – 1971 resident
McMullin Jr., Joseph R. U.S. Navy 1988 – 1999 resident
Miller, Rueben U.S. Marines Mar 2003 – Jun 2003, Aug 2006 – Apr 2007 resident
Myles, Bill U.S. Navy resident
Newhouse, William U.S. Army 12/1965 – 12/1967 resident
Nivens, Dann U.S. Marines 1981 – 1986 resident
O’Donnell, Richard U.S. Army 1966 – 1968 Vietnam resident
Poling, Gary U.S. Army 1968 – 1971 resident
Port, Ernest F U.S. Army Air Corp 1943 – 1947 resident
Rake, Herbert U.S. Navy July 1, 1943 – July 12, 1946 resident
Reichert, Ron U.S. Navy 1969 – 1973 resident
Rockwood, William U.S. Army March 1965 – March 1968 resident
Schlimm, Joseph U.S. Army 1954 -1956 resident
Schluep, John M U.S. Army 1974 -1978 resident
Smeltz, Jack U.S. Army 1942-1945 WWII father-in-law of resident Ken Cefaratti
Stoiber, Dennis U.S. Army 1970 – 1971 resident
Svadba, Keith U.S. Army 1979-1987 nephew of resident Ken Cefaratti
Svadba, Lad U.S. Army 1951-1953 Korea brother-in-law of resident Ken Cefaratti
Thompson, Lauren U.S. Army Natl Guard 2003 – 2009 resident
Wolfe Jr, George P. U.S. Navy 1982 – 1988 son of resident
Wolfe Sr, Dr. George P. U.S. Army 1954 – 1956 resident
Zach, Frank U.S. Army 1943 – 1945 father of resident Ken Zach