Thank you for the donations we continue to receive for the Veterans Tribute Garden. As of last Friday, 7/22/22, all 4 benches have been claimed. We also have received pledges for one 4-star sponsor, 1 3-star sponsor, and 2 1-star sponsors. More than 70 pavers have also been purchased; we hope to get many more sold as we will use close to 2000 pavers for the project. Presently we are about half-way to our goal of $80,000. If you have not already done so, please consider making a donation. We can use direct monetary donations, and are always looking for more sponsors. Only with your generous financial support will the VTG become a reality. I was hoping to have the needed funds raised by 7/31/22, but will still accept donations past that date. Our goal is to begin construction by mid-September, but can do so only if we have raised the necessary amount of money. Thank you for your support of this valuable and worthwhile project.