The VTG committee continues to meet on a regular basis as they work on plans and designs for the tribute garden. The VTG committee consists of John Schluep (chairman), Denny Stoiber, Barb Oldham, Rosalie Goshen, Mike Thorson and Bob Steiner. (I serve as an ex-officio member.) Originally we were discussing construction of a veterans’ memorial, but soon decided a tribute garden would be a better and more inclusive plan. The reason is because we want to honor all veterans, both living and deceased, and their families. While veterans sacrifice much in service to our country, the families of veterans also sacrifice much, and we want to include them as we demonstrate our respect and appreciation for veterans. We hope to have plans finalized so that we can begin construction by mid-to-late summer, with a dedication date of Veterans Day, November 11, 2022. We will also soon be initiating a fund raising campaign to pay for this project, and will depend heavily on your support, and that of local businesses.