The pavers for the VTG have all been laid. Come take a look. In the spring, the centerpiece will be installed, the benches will be put in place, and shrubbery will be installed around the VTG. We are planning a formal dedication of the VTG on Memorial Day, 2023. Because the pavers have been laid, but not sealed permanently in place, additional pavers can still be purchased. As long as we have an order of 11 or more, a new order can be processed. So, if you missed the original deadline, now you have another chance to buy a paver. Paver order forms are available in Village Hall; the form is also on our website. Thank you for your support of the Veterans Tribute Garden. And, yes, because we need to provide funds for future maintenance of the VTG, as well as for possible future enhancements of it, we are still accepting donations for the VTG.