As I have already informed you, we will not be able to have the VTG finished by our target date of November 11, 2022. However, we expect it to be ready before the end of the year; people will be able to visit it when it is completed. The cement foundation has been laid, as has the sidewalk, and the flag pole has been erected. As to a formal dedication date, that will probably be on Memorial Day in 2023. Thanks to your generosity, we have the most of the funds needed to build the VTG. That said, we are still hoping to collect at least another $5000. This will help restore some things we have had to cut, and also provide some funds for maintenance of the VTG in the future. Pavers can still be purchased for a limited time. When the order is placed, probably within a week or two, no more pavers will be sold. If you have not yet made a contribution to the VTG, but have always intended to do so, please do so now.