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With sadness I have learned that this year's Garden Club Festival has been cancelled. I believe this is the first time a Festival has been cancelled, but I also believe it was the correct decision [...]

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State of Emergency

I have extended the Village's State of Emergency through May 31, 2020. This means Village Hall and all Village properties remain closed to the public through May 31. Hopefully we can get back to something [...]

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Shine On!

Show your appreciation and support for essential workers. Please participate in "Shine On" by turning on your porch lights this evening from 8pm until 10pm. Hoping for 100% Silver Lake participation.

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Shine On!

All residents of Silver Lake and Cuyahoga Falls are asked to show their support for essential workers by turning on their porch lights on Monday, April 27, from 8pm until 10pm. This is one way [...]

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Census 2020

Now is the time to respond to the census. Site is You will have to input the ID you received in the mailer the census bureau sent to your home. If you do not [...]

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Village Hall Closed to the Public

While Village Hall remains closed to the public, all employees continue to perform their duties, as their services have been deemed to be essential. Contact us via telephone (330-923-5233) or email ( with any questions [...]

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Need help?

If you find yourself in need of help during this virus outbreak, please contact Village Hall. Members of our police department are willing and able to do whatever they can to provide assistance, be it [...]

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Phone Scam

Some residents have received phone calls asking them to sign up for the Village aggregation program. This is a scam. You would never receive a phone call from anyone at Village Hall regarding natural gas [...]

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