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Halloween Fun

This Halloween we will be sponsoring 2 different contests. One will be a pumpkin carving/decorating contest for the children of Silver Lake. Details are being worked out now, and will be available within the next [...]

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Sewer Back-ups

Please be careful what you put into our sewer system. A recent back-up was caused by rags that had been put into the sewer. Rags, any type of clothing, diapers, sanitary napkins, disinfectant wipes and [...]

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Vote November 3

Clearly this is an important election year. At this point in time, in-person voting will again be held in Village Hall and at the Church. However, as news of the virus unfolds, there is always [...]

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Thank You Blue!

Despite the fact that some thieves have stolen police flags and "Thank You Blue" signs from many Village properties, our feelings for our police is not changed. Thank You Blue! Thieves may steal our physical [...]

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R.I.P Don Dieterich

Don Dieterich, a man of passion, intelligence, foresight and service to the Village of Silver Lake, passed away on May 28, 2020. Don was devoted to his family and his community. His contributions to the [...]

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George Floyd Vigil

Congratulations and thank you to Pastor Brad Jagger of The Church in Silver Lake for the wholesome and heart-felt candle light ceremony held last night commemorating George Floyd. Attended by more that 130 people, it [...]

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