Board of Zoning Appeals

The Board of Zoning Appeals consists of four members and meets as needed. One member from each district is appointed by the Mayor to serve four-year terms.

Member District Term Expires
Craig Chmielowicz A 12/31/24
Mike Thorson B 12/31/25
Doug Hachat, Chairman C 12/31/24
Thomas Kramer D 12/31/25
Jeff Anderson, Vice-Chairman At-Large 12/31/25

Citizen’s Housing Committee

The Citizen’s Housing Committee was formed in 1984 to act as a review board to develop and maintain minimum standards for maintenance of properties within the Village of Silver Lake.  The Mayor will refer all alleged violations to the Citizen’s Housing Committee for their review and recommendation. The Citizen’s Housing Committee consists of seven members appointed by the Mayor.

Member District Term Expires
Victoria Scott A 12/31/24
Mary Ann Schneider B 12/31/25
Jeff Nank C 12/31/22
Stanley Lero D 12/31/23
Ann Marie Lann At-Large 12/31/24
Louis Ciraldo Liaison from Planning & Zoning Commission 12/31/25
Brian Lapolla Liaison from Planning & Zoning Commission 12/31/25


Park and Recreation Board

The Park and Recreation Board, which consists of seven members, meets the second Tuesday of every month at 6:00 p.m. They welcome and encourage any comments or suggestions.  Please forward your comments to:

Member Term Expires
Shelley Jurkiewicz, Chairman Appointed 12/31/25
Robert Barsan, Vice-Chairman Appointed 12/31/25
Jim Newhouse Appointed 12/31/25
Deborah Steel Appointed 12/31/23
Sarah Snook Appointed 12/31/23
Brad McBride Appointed 12/31/25
Cynda Zuch Appointed 12/31/25
Dann Nivens Liaison from Council 12/31/23
Cynda Zuch Liaison from Garden Club 12/31/23

Shade Tree Commission:

An advisory board to the Park Board to promote the regulation and control of the planting and maintenance of trees and shrubs on village owned or controlled properties. Members are Robert Henry, Sheri Petrosek, Mike Caserta, Debra Sanderson and Brad McBride. Advisors are Marcia Mandala, Ben Gregory, and Paul Theiss.

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission meets on the second and fourth Mondays of every month at 6:00 p.m., providing there is a quorum and plans to review. The Planning Commission consists of five members.  One member from each district is appointed by the Mayor to serve two-year terms.

Member District Term Expires
Louis Ciraldo, Vice-Chairman A 12/31/25
Dennis Stoiber, Chairman B 12/31/22
Courtney Zimmerman C 12/31/22
Don Brown D 12/31/22
Brian Lapolla At-Large (C) 12/31/25