We are getting closer to starting work on Englewood Drive. When completed, Englewood will be one of the best and most attractive roads in the Village (as well as the entire area). The street will have curbs on both sides, new cement driveway approaches on the Silver Lake side, and sidewalks on the Silver Lake side. Unfortunately Stow has decided against having sidewalks and new cement driveway approaches on its side of the street. The street will be widened, a new storm sewer draining into the Whetmore basin will be installed on the east side of the street, and an underground retention basin will be built at Oakhill to help control flooding. Also, several bioretention cells will also be constructed near Randolph Road, again to help with flooding and to help restrict contaminants from entering the lake. Letters were hand-delivered to SL residents yesterday informing them of any assessments they would face. I am pleased that response to this project from SL residents has been overwhelmingly positive.