Occasional service interruptions are necessary to repair, replace, or install water mains. When possible, we will notify affected customers about scheduled maintenance or construction that requires temporarily turning off the water.

Our crews try to schedule planned maintenance during off-peak water demand, but in the event of main break, leak, or other emergency, water service may be interrupted without notice in order to isolate the break, prevent flooding, and repair the main. Most repairs are made within several hours.

Discolored Water
After maintenance work on a water main in your area, you may see discolored water when you turn on the tap. This is caused by mineral and other deposits that settle out of the water and build up on the pipe wall over time.

The deposits become dislodged and dissolved in the water when the pressure changes. This is not harmful, simply let your faucet run until the water becomes clear.

Our crews typically prevent discolored water by opening a nearby fire hydrant to flush out the water main. The high velocity also helps to scour any mineral deposits in the main. In cases where this is not possible, customers may experience discolored water.

To prevent the build up of mineral deposits in water mains, the Village flushes mains throughout our service area yearly.