Upon recommendation from the Tree Commission, the Village of Silver Lake will soon begin the process of having trees planted from 2007 to 2017 air-knifed.

An air-knife is a tool that uses compressed air to safely excavate soil from tree roots without causing damage. The soil around these trees is removed to look for girdling roots. Girdling roots are lateral roots that emerge at or slightly below the soil surface and cut into at least one side of the main trunk. These roots restrict the movement of water and nutrients to the leaves by squeezing or compressing, putting pressure on the trunk.

Organic Air will be in the Village the week of October 21st to pre-treat the approximately 180 trees that will be air-knifed. Starting the 2nd or 3rd week in November, Organic Air will be back to perform the air-knife process. This process will take about a week from start to finish. This entire project is weather permitting.

If you have any questions about air-knifing, you can call Ben Gregory in the Service Department at 330.923.5233 or email him at SD@villageofsilverlake.com.