Because so many people have looked at the new gazebo patio, and for some reason did not purchase a brick, but now want to, I am opening up brick sales for the next 3 weeks. You will have until September 14 to buy a brick. After that date, there will be no more opportunities to purchase a brick, and there will be no exceptions to that date. However, in order to facilitate this, we must have at least 25 additional bricks ordered. If we do not have at least 25 orders, we will not be able to purchase additional bricks. Should such be the case, all orders will be cancelled. Also, while I expect no complications, if it is determined that we cannot actually lay additional bricks, all orders will be cancelled. Place your order now. No payment will be accepted at this time. Once we reach 25 orders, and it is deemed certain that we can add bricks to the patio, you will then be asked to pay for your brick(s) before the order is places.