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In 1874, Ralph H. Lodge bought “the Lake” and 35 acres from Joshua Stow’s heirs. Lodge proceeded to develop a large and very popular amusement park. As many as 10,000 people a day came from all around and by every form of transportation to enjoy the park’s amusements.

In 1912, the railroads discontinued their excursion service, which proved detrimental to the park. The entire 600-acre Silver Lake Park was sold and subdivided for residential building in 1917.

The Village was incorporated in March 1918. The first school was established a year later. The original part of the present school building – four rooms and a gym – on Overlook Road was voted for and built in 1927. The school has expanded greatly and is now part of the Cuyahoga Falls School System.

Today, the Village is 1.5 square miles, which includes Silver Lake and the smaller Crystal Lake.

Silver Lake Park and Silver Lake are maintained and supervised by the Silver Lake Estates Board of Trustees. The property deeds of those who live in Silver Lake Estates, the original subdivision of the Lodge property, guarantee owners the use of the lake and its associated facilities, if owners pay the usage fees necessary to maintain the area.

Crystal Lake facilities are open to all residents in the Village and are operated by the Crystal Lake Development Corporation. Owners of real property within the Village may buy Corporation stock. Annual usage fees are based on the number of shares owned.