Regular Council meetings are held the first and third Mondays of every month at 7:00 p.m. in Village Hall. All Council meetings are open to the public.


NameSizeDate Added
01-07-2019 Council Agenda80.2 KiB01/04/19
01-22-2019 Council Agenda79.7 KiB01/22/19
02-04-2019 Council Agenda90.0 KiB02/01/19
02-19-2019 Council Agenda91.5 KiB02/15/19
03-04-2019 Council Agenda89.2 KiB03/01/19
03-18-2019 Council Agenda69.4 KiB03/15/19
03-25-2019 Council Agenda - Special87.1 KiB03/21/19
04-01-2019 Council Agenda89.2 KiB04/01/19
05-06-2019 Council Agenda89.0 KiB05/02/19
05-20-2019 Council Agenda89.2 KiB05/17/19
06-03-2019 Council Agenda90.0 KiB05/31/19
06-19-2019 Council Agenda - Committee86.5 KiB06/18/19
07-01-2019 Council Agenda89.5 KiB06/27/19
07-15-2019 Council Agenda88.4 KiB07/12/19
08-05-2019 Council Agenda121.3 KiB08/01/19
08-19-2019 Council Agenda89.5 KiB08/15/19
09-16-2019 Council Agenda89.5 KiB09/13/19
10-07-2019 Council Agenda89.7 KiB10/03/19
10-21-2019 Council Meeting Cancelled12.7 KiB10/23/19
10-30-2019 Finance Committee Agenda475.9 KiB10/29/19
11-04-2019 Council Meeting Cancelled69.3 KiB11/04/19
11-06-2019 Finance Committee Agenda152.4 KiB11/04/19
11-18-2019 Council Agenda195.0 KiB11/15/19