The centennial gala at Silver Lake Country Club is fast approaching. It will be held on Saturday, October 6. Festivities will start with a cocktail party, starting 6pm, ending at 7:30pm. Hors d’oeuvres will be provided, and there will also be a cash bar. The main attraction will be a show by “The Mentalist, Brent Webb”, starting at approximately 7:45 pm. Tickets will go on sale next week at Village Hall. Hours to buy tickets will be from 3pm until 8pm, Monday, 9/10, Tuesday, 9/11, and Wednesday, 9/12, at a cost of $25 per ticket. We are limited to only 150 people at this event; tickets will be sold on a first come – first served basis. Once 150 tickets are sold, ticket sales are ended and the show will then be completely sold out. No reservations of tickets can be made; you must show up with money in hand to receive a ticket. The following day, Sunday, October 7, we will hold the final centennial event, a picnic at the gazebo from 2pm until 5pm. All are invited to this free event. Prior to the picnic, a softball game will be held at the baseball field by the pavilion, starting at noon. All interest residents are invited to participate. Details on the picnic and softball game will be available next week.