There are many ways to protect stormwater quality.  The best way is to avoid polluting in the first place.  Conserve and recycle resources such as newspapers, plastic containers, glass jars, and metal cans.

  • Don’t dump hazardous substances such as used oil, household chemicals, yard fertilizer, or other wastes onto pavement or into storm drains.
  • Practice picking up litter, and disposing of leaves and yard waste properly.
  • Prevent excess runoff of pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides, by using them properly and efficiently.
  • Participate in the Village Spring and Fall Leaf and Limb Removal Program, and recycle household hazardous waste materials to prevent storm drain contamination.
  • Encourage active citizen participation in stormwater protection and public group education on stormwater quality.
  • Prevent sewage overflows to the creeks by diverting gutter drains away from the sanitary sewer system.

Common household contributions to stormwater pollution:

  • Vehicle drips and leaks (oil, grease, gasoline, antifreeze, brake fluid) particularly on paved areas
  • Incorrect disposal of paints, cleaning fluids, and other chemical agents.
  • Overuse of lawn fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides.
  • Pet and food wastes – particularly on paved areas – allows harmful bacteria and viruses into natural creeks.