Sewer Project Updates

Week of March 25th, 2019 – HM Miller is going to tentatively start yard restoration this week depending on the weather.

Week of December 17th – HM Miller finished installing the last sewer lateral. They are cleaning up but still have some cement work to do on the roads, sewer mains and manholes. They will be back in the spring to top soil, seed and straw. They will also replace broken driveway aprons and finish with the last of the asphalt.

As of Thursday, December 6th – HM Miller has two remaining sewer laterals and one short section of 10 inch main to complete the sewer installation. Milling old pavement on Lee Road is scheduled to begin on Friday, December 7th. Due to weather conditions, this could be moved until Monday, December 10th. Asphalt resurfacing will begin immediately after street milling is complete. Driveway and yard repair will be done in the Spring of 2019.

Week of November 5th – HM Miller will continue working installing the 8 inch sewer main on Lodge Avenue. 36 new sewer connections have been made to the new sanitary sewer as of Thursday 11/8. Dominion Gas, along with HM Miller, will be on the west end of Lee Road installing new gas mains in collaboration with finishing the sewer main on Lee Road.

Week of October 29th – H.M. Miller has 33 residents tied into the new sewer system as of 11/1/2018. With all the rain H.M. Miller has taken a short break for their safety as it is more difficult and dangerous to work in these conditions. Weather permitting they will continue moving east down Lee Road installing sewer laterals. Next week there will be an interruption in water service on Lee Road between Lodge and Silver Lake Blvd to make some repairs. Residents affected will be notified.

Week of October 22 – 22 homes have now been connected to the new sewer system. HM Miller will continue connecting sewer laterals, completing the main 10″ sewer line on Lee Road and completing the main 8″ line on N. Park.

Week of October 15th – HM Miller will continue installing sanitary laterals. Each lateral takes approximately two days. Please refrain from using excess water when they are working on your sanitary lateral. As the crew finishes a street block of laterals, they will come back in to put a cement base of concrete which will then be topped off with asphalt.

Week of October 1st – HM Miller has reached the intersection at Lee and Landon. A Dominion gas main will need to be replaced before the west end section of 10 inch sewer can be installed. The focus for now will be on installing sewer laterals from the residents to the new sewer main. Each lateral takes approximately 1 to 2 days. At this time you may be asked to refrain from using excess water.

Week of September 24th – HM Miller will continue to work west down Lee Road until they reach the next man hole installation at Lee and Landon. At this point, the crew will begin working on installing sewer laterals. A second HM Miller crew started this past Tuesday installing sewer laterals.

Friday, September 14th – 24 feet of 10 inch pipe was installed. On Tuesday, September 18, Superior Drain will be out for some scheduled lateral camera inspections.

Wednesday, September 12th – HM Miller will continue to move west down Lee Road approaching the intersection at Parkwood. To date they have installed 1,715 feet of 10″ sanitary main, 380 feet of 8″ sanitary main and 224 feet of 6″ sanitary lateral.

Thursday, September 6th – HM Miller installed 29 feet of 10″ sewer main.

Tuesday, September 4th – HM Miller installed 27 feet of 10″ sanitary sewer. They also set a manhole just east of Lakewood on Lee Road. The sewer is approximately 17 feet deep moving forward and for this reason it will take longer to move all the shoring boxes and steel plates that keep the workers safe from cave ins. There will be more driveways blocked for extended periods of time (up to two days).

Monday, August 27th – 71 feet of sewer main was installed yesterday. Superior Drainage will be out on Wednesday morning at 9:00am to camera sewer laterals on Lee Road, west of Lakeland Parkway. The Service Department is looking to schedule approximately six residents.

Friday, August 24th – 45 feet of pipe was installed on Thursday. The sanitary lateral at 2910 Lee Road was tied to the main line.

Tuesday, August 21st – 95 feet of 10″ sewer main was installed yesterday. The sanitary lateral was tied into the main at 2920 Lee Rd. Five tie-ins have now been made to the new sewer. HM Miller will continue working west down Lee Rd from 2891 to 2849 and after completion, will continue working on tying in the new sanitary lines.

Monday, August 20th – 63 feet of 10″ sewer pipe was installed yesterday. Please refrain from using any excess water when the crew installing sanitary laterals is working at your house.

Friday, August 17th – 72 feet of 10″ sewer main was installed on Lee Road. Four sanitary connections have been made to the new service line. On Monday, August 20th, HM Miller will continue working west down Lee Road. A second HM Miller crew will be working on Lee Road connecting sewer laterals.

Wednesday, August 15th – 23 feet of 10″ sewer main was installed on Lee Road. A new manhole was installed at the Lee Rd/Lodge Ave intersection. On Thursday, HM Miller will continue working west down Lee Road. In the next few days, a second HM Miller crew will begin at Maiden Lane and Kent Road installing the sewer laterals to residents’ homes.

Monday, August 13th – HM Miller installed 56 feet of 10″ sanitary sewer. On Tuesday, they will continue moving west down Lee Road. Superior Drain has been contracted to camera the existing main sewer line to locate sanitary laterals. If they are unable to locate the laterals from the sanitary main, residents will be contacted by the Village to schedule an appointment to have your sewer lateral camera.

Thursday, August 9th – 29 feet of 10″ sanitary sewer was installed today on Lee Rd.

Monday, August 6th – HM Miller finished the main sewer line on Maiden Lane. They will be back at a later date to install any sewer laterals not hooked up to the new line. On Tuesday, they will be back on Lee Road moving west from Maiden Lane installing the new 10″ sanitary sewer line. 

Friday, August 3rd – There was digging to expose gas and water house services on Lee Rd.

Thursday, August 2nd –  98 feet of 8″ sanitary sewer was installed today on Maiden Lane. Weather permitting, the new sanitary sewer line will be completed for Maiden Lane by Monday, August 6th. All sanitary house laterals will be tied in later this month. All trash pick up for Friday will continue as scheduled. Please use best judgement for trash pick up by not placing items behind construction equipment.

Wednesday, August 1st – 121 feet of 8″ sanitary sewer was installed on Maiden Lane.

Tuesday, July 31st – 56 feet of 8″ sanitary sewer was installed on Maiden Lane between Lee Road and Kent Road.

Monday, July 30th – 57 feet of sanitary sewer was installed moving south on Maiden Lane. 2911 Lee Road is the only resident currently connected to the sewer.

About the Sewer Project

In 2004, an engineering study was performed throughout the Village.  The study revealed there were six areas that had heavy inflow and infiltration.  The engineer’s recommendation was to replace the sanitary sewers.   The Village has replaced the sanitary sewers in four of these areas.

Beginning in June 2018, a new sanitary sewer system will be installed on Lee Road, North Park Drive, Lodge Avenue, and Maiden Lane is expected to last four to five months. Please be advised, there will be traffic disruptions in and around this area during the project.

This project will also have an effect on sanitary sewer rates throughout the Village.  On February 20, 2018, Council passed Ordinance No.: 24-2018, which establishes new increased rates for sewer consumer charges.  New charges will become effective on August 25, 2018, and will be reflected on the bills rendered on or around October 1, 2018.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may create and we greatly appreciate your cooperation during this project.